March 2, 2012

Quick Take Vol. 2


Monday was a work day... cooking some meals for a client and delivering them.  She is a happy customer!!!  I am thrilled to be cooking for her.  I am actually working on some pricing this morning for her.  She is from a Mediterranean background and has asked me to do some things she remembers from her homeland.  I love that I get to learn new recipes and do research for my work.  It is not a stagnant mindless job and I love that so much!


Speaking of creative jobs... I have been enjoying some online stuff this week from Jennifer Lee on being a Right Brained Entrepreneur.  She is offering two weeks of interviews (lots of good information if you wade through some of the new age schtuff with a grain of salt) and tools (links, free downloads and book suggestions) to help those of us who struggle with the left brain aspects of business (you know... the math and paperwork part) and who sometimes need a bit of a right brain boost to keep us on track.  The left brain stuff  is not hard for me... just not fun and so I put it off.   I recommend looking at days 2-4... more practical stuff.  Days 1 and 5 are very new age... and very "me/universe/earth mother" centered.  I will warn you, this is not even remotely Christ centered or Christian in nature so glean what is true and move past that stuff that is not biblical.  Funny that I read Ephesians 6 this week as I was wading through this online video stuff.  ;)  Keeping the armor of Christ on...

Dan is my sanity with so much of this left brain stuff because he LOVES the numbers part of business.  It is in him... although he is a very balanced brain man and I attribute that in great part to the fact that he is left handed and just thinks differently than most men.  He is both logical and creative and I love that!  :)  Now, if he would just enjoy shopping for shoes with me... JK!!!

Anyway... go check Jennifer out here!  There is one week still left and you can access some back sessions for up to 48 hours.  Some gems for business owners that I plan to use with my own business.


To feed the spirit this week I have been finishing up our study on Ephesians and reading a bit in Jeremiah again.  I also attended a fabulous luncheon sponsored by  It is a national program designed by Nancy Leigh DeMoss's ministry team.  I am also planning to attend a follow up weekend for this sometime in April.  Very inspiring and convicting.  It was just what I needed on Tuesday to recharge my batteries.  I wish I could have attended the entire conference but it is about a 25 minute drive and we were at the end of a pay period with very little gas left in the tank... just did Tuesday and it blessed my socks off!  :)


Finished Same Kind of Different As Me by Denver Moore and Ron Hall this week.  What a beautiful story of God's redemption and how He has a plan for each life.   Everything in our lives is for a reason.... God always has a bigger and greater purpose for what He is doing in our lives.  We are shaped and molded in His image in the most surprising ways and then used to bring glory to HIM and never to ourselves!  I love how God crosses the paths of the most unlikely people to be friends and family in our lives.  Great stuff.... I highly recommend this book!


Music again this week.... it is such a HUGE part of our everyday.  It is contest season again with both middle and high school.  They had jazz week in the area this week.  We enjoyed some jazz last night during the Hanks High School Jazz Festival.  I think it is the 20th anniversary of this event and we are thrilled our oldest has been a big part of that last night.  He played beautifully!  I am so excited to see what God will do with this boy!!!  He is a humble man in this, too.  He is an encourager to others in music and is in constant teaching mode.  I will post a video of his ballad from last night after I get it uploaded... I have several videos I will be uploading for the grandparents soon.


OH MY GOODNESS WHERE DID FEBRUARY GO???   I opened my March page in my calendar and it WAS fairly event free until I sat down and asked for what was coming up with the family.  It is filling quickly.  I also took an order to cater an Eagle Court of Honor, too.  Still in the negotiating phase but they at least want a cake so I am excited about that.  I am also considering taking a class in using fondant to hone my skills in April.  March came in with a blustery roar and the allergy pills have been purchased!  LOL  Looking forward to the lamb phase but there are some lovely little treasures popping up around the yard.


....and from this past weekend...

 White Sands National Monument for our annual Klondike Games!  We go to White Sands to simulate snow since we RARELY see any here that accumulates enough to do these in an authentic setting.  We are much warmer this way.  ;)

and the poppies are here!

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