April 2, 2013

Spring Challenges...

Project Simplify on Simple Mom

That would be...

one month

 four tasks

one calmer home

There might be photos involved.  LOL

Stay tuned!


The Bi-Annual Dewey's Read-a-thon is coming on April 27th.

Check out the details here.

What are you working on this spring?

Do you have some challenges you have found that you are trying?

Please share with us!

March 4, 2013

Spring Cleaning Plans...

March is spring cleaning month for most people.  I am going to tackle one area per week until I get through the whole house.  There is not timetable only a daily goal to keep me moving forward.  Here are some articles that I am using to get me motivated...

(I also have this book on my Nook and will be using it as I go... 
this is a great website in general)

Unclutter Your Life in One Week

I also have a whole file on Pinterest dedicated to simple living and photos of clean and lovely rooms

I will also be watching Hoarders episodes to motivate me!
They truly get me going in the right direction.

Some links for living with less that I enjoy reading...

Are you spring cleaning?

What inspires you?

What blogs or links do you enjoy reading in this topic area?

Please share below in the comments!

I would love to hear from you...


Laura reminded me of one site that I forgot to share with you...
there are several e-books by this author, too.

It is the site... Be More With Less

She also shared a "new to me" site and it looks great!

It is called Small Notebook

Thank you, Laura!  :)

March 3, 2013

A March Plan...

I have been going through some Pinterest stuff today and putting a plan together for some March projects.  I probably won't get to all of them but here are a few I like.

A spring cup cozy for me and my tea

Something Irish... maybe even an attempt at some Irish Crochet Roses

Some egg cozies to go with our egg cups for Easter morning.

Spring Placemats for our table

A ripple afghan for no one in particular but it might be a donation for our 
family reunion raffle if it turns out lovely.

Also, I did not finish a book in February but I am in progress on about four right now.  LOL  I cannot help myself.... I just read more than one at a time and it is who I am.  I tend to finish about 3 or 4 at the same time but will go a long time in between finishing one to post.  

Currently reading:

Be Compassionate by Warren Wiersbe

The Four Loves by C.S. Lewis

Starting Pilgrim's Regress by C.S. Lewis for our reading club book for spring

Food Blogging by Kelly Senyei

and a small stack I picked up from the library is going into the mix...

I am also working on typing recipes this month for our family cookbook and then I will be working with someone to put them all together to print.  I am adding quotes, scripture, family history stuff, photos, etc...  it has to be ready by July so I am adding it to the schedule to get it done on time.  

I have a trip to Philmont Scout Training Facility this month for day camp training.

There is a plan for spring cleaning that will cover March and April and maybe into May but it will be slow and long term.  I need to do a little every day instead of one big all week project.  

I am reading the New Testament for Lent and am done with Matthew, Mark and Luke and moving into John tomorrow... a little behind but not hard to catch up over this next week.

I am reading a special book for review and posting coming up sometime between March 15th and April 15th... it is an advanced reader's copy but it is a fabulous book I cannot wait to share with you.  It is foodie... and spiritual... and wonderful... so I will post it here and on the foodie blog for you.  

I am interviewing for a part time caregiver job that will be just an "as needed" position and I am continuing to cook for one client but I have cut way back since the lupus is so prevalent these days.

Spring break is coming, too.... lots of busy around here.  I am trying to be a better blogger so we will see how March goes.  I hope you stick around for the adventure.  :)

the gratuitous family photo... 
the men folk with their Blue and Gold Banquet Dalek Cake.

February 18, 2013

Valentine Week Crochet Project

Last week I worked on Granny Hearts...

I started with the inner circles and the pattern for that is here.

Then I finished them with the outer two rows from here

The next step is to join them to make a banner of hearts.

I will share what I do with them when I know.

February 17, 2013

Walking with God...

Dan preached today on a passage that has been a favorite of his for many years.  Actually it was three passages but one person.  He preached about the life of Enoch.  Dan is a learned man... a seminary graduate and is currently working on a PhD in Pulpit Communication.  He is eloquent to be sure... 

Something very different about him, though, is that he is humble and never ceases reaching for a deeper walk and faith.  You will never hear him bragging about anything in his life outside of his children and me.  He builds everyone up around him.  When he preaches... he preaches what God is teaching him personally.  He reads God's word every single day and is very willing to lay out what God is saying to him before the congregation.  He believes God teaches and takes him through things to sharpen him as a pastor and preacher.

I believe the most effective preachers are those who live what they preach and preach what they are living through at any given moment.  Pastor's should be on a journey just like the rest of us.  They are or should be constantly growing and learning.  They should be seeing God at work in their lives and in the life of the church.  When they do not see God at work it is time for a check up.  Something is wrong...

Dan has consistently come back to Enoch in his life... 
the short little blurbs on Enoch fascinate him.  

Enoch is one of his heroes of the faith to be sure.

Today we started in Hebrews 11 in the "Roll Call of Faith".

By faith Enoch was taken up so that he would not see death; and he was not found because God took him up; for he obtained the witness that before his being taken up he was pleasing to God. And without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him. 

He took us back to Genesis 5 and his favorite verse from that passage... 

Genesis 5:24  And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him.

We ended in Jude verses 14-16

Enoch walked with God...  

We see this word repeated many times in God's word.

Walked... with God

He comes down into the Garden seeking Adam to walk with him.

He walked with Enoch.

He walked with Elijah.

He walked with many of faith... and He wants to walk with ME!

He talks about how we should walk in the entire book of Ephesians... 

I am grateful He calls me to walk and not run.  LOL  

I am grateful He chooses to call me to Him to fellowship with Him.

He is trustworthy and loyal and loving and merciful... 

and loves us so much that He wants to be with us.... 

to walk... 

with humans.

Here is the key verse in this whole scenario...

And without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him. 

To have faith we must BELIEVE that HE IS... (Yahweh - I AM) 

and we must believe that He is a REWARDER of those who seek HIM.

He is not some distant God that sets the world spinning and walks away... 

He is involved in the lives of His children.


One thing we must notice as we see Him walk with Enoch... and with Elijah, too, is that when they were walking with God they were not consumed by the world.  When we walk toward the things of God we are, in essence, walking away from the things of this world.

We are continually called to walk with Him... it is a one day at a time things... a one step at a time thing.  God knows the path... He knows the pitfalls and the rocky ground.  When we are with Him He protects us from so much we are unaware of.

Dan used the illustration of a parent walking in the desert or on a trial while hiking with small children.

When we, personally, walk with our children we have often guided them over the trail to the safest route.  When the trail gets rocky we take their hands.  When it gets downright ugly we pick them up and sometimes carry them through to the other side of a stream or unusually harsh area.  

Isn't it like that with God?  Isn't he guiding us through?  Isn't he often taking our hand or even picking us up and carrying us over the roughest parts?

When we belong to God we are never walking alone.  

I take great comfort in that.

I think this passage touches Dan so much... and me in turn... because we truly envy Enoch.  Can you imagine that they walked together day in and day out so much that one day God says to Enoch, "Hey, you know what?  We are closer to my house than your house so why don't you just come on home with Me."

To have that kind of faith... to be that close to God...

It is truly the most important thing in the world in which we should aspire.

Lord, let me walk with You and leave this world behind...

Let each day bring me closer and closer to your house and further and further from our earthly home until one day you just say, 

"Come on home with Me this time."


you will see me run.

February 13, 2013

New Book Club Book...

We finished reading Pilgrim's Progress in January and then put our heads together to decide our next read.  

I think this is a fitting next choice.... and it is C.S. Lewis.

We will be starting this next week but I got my book in the mail today.  

I have been looking around online for some resources to help us shape our reading.

Here are three nice ones...

February 12, 2013

Shrove Tuesday and beyond

The family is very excited for dinner tonight.  I made a special trip to the store for some things to get us to payday and that included the buying of the "forever favorite" sausage for my boys.  LOL  We are preparing to enter the Lent season...

I have been off caffeine for one week and almost completely purged of sugar... almost.  
I have been off most gluten since October (a couple of cheats and I felt them) and that change will make much of this process so much easier so I don't have to think about the food as much as the last time I did this.  I am excited that I can focus more on the spiritual aspect of this since this is not all new to me this time around.

I have also been on my stomach medication to reverse the Lupus medication issues and am feeling quite a bit better each day.

I start the Daniel Fast tomorrow... 

Today we will have pancakes, sausage or bacon, and scrambled eggs for dinner... 

Then there will be no more meat and eggs for 40 days.  

This is not a diet... this is a journey.  I have already asked God to use this to, not only bring spiritual growth and answers to hard things, but to bring healing to my Lupus riddled body.  If this helps in any way it will become the norm rather than the fast in the end.  

I am praying for answers for our future... our marriage... our children... our church situation... my health... I am ready for God to speak to my very confused heart on all of this.  Most of this is not horrible... I just need answers for direction in all of these areas.

I will break fast for Valentine's day (one piece of cake with my family) and for my daughter's 15th birthday on Sunday to have a piece of pie with her.  I am leaving room for four more days that I can use because there are 46 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday (which will be the day I break the fast completely).  I need to have those days because my in-laws, scout people and church people cannot be expected to provide stuff I can eat on church dinner, scout events and family dinner days.  I am not in this to hurt people's feelings.  Please pray for me.... 

and if you are doing something like this I would love to partner with you in this.

There will be a list of books... a Shrove Tuesday photo update... Valentine and Birthday stuff... and some other posts on updates and daily happenings throughout this process.

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